Disinfection Services

Cleaning Services to Eliminate Viruses & Bacteria

Many customers are asking how to minimize the effects of viruses and resulting illnesses from spreading within their workplace and keep employees healthy. We specialize in complete commercial cleaning services including disinfection of surfaces to kill bacteria and viruses. 

How to Prevent the Spread of Sickness in the Workplace

The same products and procedures that prevent and reduce the spread of viruses hold true with bacteria and other germs. If you are concerned about keeping your employees and visitors safe, here are top recommendations from the CDC (Center for Disease Control): Employees with a fever must stay home. If they report having a fever or think they are sick, they should see their doctor avoid work and other public places. Frequently and thoroughly clean surfaces that come into contact with multiple people, such as shared computers, light switches, doorknobs, toilets, faucets, and more. Disinfect surfaces to kill germs. Use EPA-approved products that can fight bacteria and viruses, such as Clorox, Lysol, Peroxide disinfectant, SaniZide, and others. Keep restrooms and other common areas stocked with disinfecting hand soap or alcohol-based hand sanitizer and encourage all staff to practice good handwashing practices, including using soap and water and scrubbing hands for a minimum of 20 seconds. In addition, call Something Cleaning Services, Inc. for a free on-site consultation.

Why Call Something Cleaning Together Cleaning Services for Cleaning and Sanitization Services?

Thousands of people are affected by sickness caused viruses, such as various forms of the flu, each year. We take great pride in following best practices put out by the Center for Disease Control.

All of our cleaning crews are thoroughly trained and closely supervised to ensure that proper procedures are followed when cleaning and sanitizing commercial buildings with special attention placed in areas commonly missed by others.

When an outbreak of a virus is suspected, or when the spread of the virus is prevalent, our cleaning crew follow a cleaning and disinfection protocol to tackle all surfaces to prevent further spread. The staff can be made available to increase the frequency of cleaning services during the most critical times of an outbreak and are even able to provide porter services to keep surfaces clean throughout your business hours.

When you call us with concerns for cleaning to prevent the spread of viruses, every faucet, doorknob, common surface, shared tablet, and more are cleaned and sanitized. These vigilant practices, combined with frequent hand washing, are today’s best-known practices to prevent the spread of viruses in the workplace.

Disinfection Services